If you're the type to read Android Police (hello), you probably have seen this story before. Last we wrote about getting a dual-SIM Galaxy Note10 for less than retail price, it was in February. Prices have recently taken another dip, so if you're quick enough, you can snap a 256GB unit for just $630.

If you're familiar with the Note series — here's our Note10+ review, just for a bit of asymmetric reference — you're probably well aware of its S Pen, huge display, and massive muscle. And if you tote two SIMs on the daily, you're probably aware of what kind of coverage you'll be able to get — pretty much all the main global LTE bands as well as the standard bands for certain super-regions and GSM, too. For redundancy's sake, that means it can't go on CDMA carriers such as Sprint and Verizon.

And finally, if you know your way around eBay, you know that never-msrp is an established seller on the platform. To clarify, we're talking about the standard Galaxy Note10 with 256GB of storage for $630 or $27 monthly over two years under eBay's financing plan — that's $20 less than when we last wrote about it. For reference, Amazon is selling the same phone for $100 more. As of writing, there are just 45 units left in the Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura White colors (no Aura Pink, sadly).

Plenty of ifs and ands, but it'll all be worthwhile for someone whose needs this phone can fit.

This article was updated to reflect a lower price from the same seller.