Ecobee is mostly known for its smart thermostat, but the company has decided to foray into an adjacent business field: home security. It has announced its new Haven subscription that takes advantage of existing SmartThermostats and SmartSensors and introduced its first security camera and sensors for doors and windows.

Haven comes with a security AutoPilot that works just like the smart thermostat. It automatically arms and disarms your security system based on your and your family member's location (provided everyone has installed the app). Like with other smart home security ecosystems, you don't need to install a keypad or other hardware. The security service can work with nothing more than the intelligence of Ecobee's existing sensors and thermostats and warns you if somebody enters your home while you're away. The camera and the new door and window security sensors can be seen as optional bonuses, further tightening the protection of your house.

Ecobee's SmartCamera provides 1080p footage and offers a 180° field of view as well as night vision. It's equipped with an eight-core processor that analyzes data locally, so your videos are only sent to the cloud when it detects motion while armed and alerts you. The Haven subscription gives you access to 14 days of encrypted video if you prefer, though. You also have to activate two-factor authentication for your Ecobee account when you activate the cam — that's something we'd love to see in every smart home security device out there.

Left: SmartCamera. Right: SmartSensor.

Thanks to an Alexa integration, you can use the cam as a rudimentary smart speaker or for two-way communication with people in front of the camera (which is probably not meant for burglars but family or friends). Currently, the camera only works with Alexa and HomeKit, but Google Assistant compatibility is planned for the future.

Haven costs you $5 a month when you use one camera and $10 when you need more than one. Both plans work with an unlimited amount of camera-less Ecobee devices. The SmartCamera goes for $179, and the SmartSensors for windows and doors come in two-packs for $79. Alongside the introduction of the security products, the company has also updated its brand identity with a new logo and a redesigned website.