Android 10 brought with it the ability to share WiFi networks through QR codes, an incredibly useful feature for temporary guests and visitors. Even though Samsung makes a lot of changes to Android, it kept this feature in One UI 2.0. Here's how to share and scan WiFI networks on your Samsung smartphone running Android 10.

Share a network

Sharing a WiFi network is simple. Press the settings icon next to your WiFi network, then press the QR code button in the bottom left corner. You'll get a QR code for your guest to scan, which will get them connected to your network.

Scan a network

You have a couple of options for joining a network via QR code, so we'll cover them both. The easiest is opening your camera app and pointing it at the QR code. Bixby Vision will highlight the code, and taping it will get you connected right away.

If you're already in the WiFi settings menu, you'll notice a QR code button in the top right corner. Tap it, scan the code, and you're connected. There's also a gallery icon here, so if someone sends you a QR code for their network via a messaging app, you can use that.

It's good to see a feature as useful as this included in One UI 2.0, as well as stock Android. When most people use the default password that came with their router and can't tell you if something is a lower case l or upper case I, a QR code is far simpler and faster.