Video conferencing is in extraordinarily high demand as the coronavirus pandemic keeps us all at home, and Google is taking the opportunity to improve Google Meet (until recently known as Hangouts Meet). The service will get new Gmail integrations and a Zoom-style layout, and the changes start rolling out today.

Google Meet is part of the G Suite package, and that isn't changing. However, businesses and schools that use Meet will see a new option to join video conferences appear soon. Users will be able to access video calls via Meet directly from Gmail. Google also plans to revamp the UI for conference calls with the option to show up to 16 video streams in a grid layout. This is similar to Zoom's popular conferencing UI. Lastly, users can expect improvements to video streams in low light and better filtering of background noise.

The new Meet UI should be very similar to Zoom's grid layout (above).

The Gmail integration will start appearing today. The grid layout and improved video should come to Google Meet later this month. Google has declined to give any specific dates.


Google notes that availability is already rolling out, and should start hitting all users by the end of the month.