While there are a ton of apps that let you make a nice clean PDF file from your physical documents, or save a digital copy of your receipts, why dig through third-party apps when there's a scanner built right into Drive? For one, the Google app comes pre-installed in nearly all Android phones, so you don’t need to download anything extra, and it’s a one-stop solution to scan and directly upload the file to Drive. Following the Drive app's Material makeover, Google is now introducing a similar iconography for its scanning interface.

As usual, you can access the scanner from the floating ‘+’ action button in the Drive app to take a photo of a document. It will then automatically stretch and distort the image to show you a corrected version on the next screen, which is where you’ll find our newly reshuffled options.

All your customization buttons now sit in the bottom row, from where you can crop the file or alter its color settings if something is off. The option to add more pages to the PDF has been moved to the bottom left corner. From the menu up top, you can head to Settings for changing general image quality and default paper size, among others options.

You can hit the Save button to rename the file and upload it as a PDF directly to your Google Drive. According to Drive’s product lead, these changes have already reached all Android users, as part of a server-side rollout.

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