Xiaomi accidentally shared a version of its MiSettings app on its community forums, giving us what looks to be our first detailed look at the upcoming MIUI 12 and its refreshed design. First spotted by the folks at XDA Developers, the screenshots below don't show off anything outside the Settings app, but the slightly revamped design language might be present throughout the upcoming version.

Left: Old interface. Right: New interface

Some sections of the Settings app have been almost entirely redesigned, while others are more lightly modified. In most cases, the changes seem to be for the better, increasing information density, enhancing contextual visuals, and improving general usability, though having two stacked navigation bars with slightly different appearances up at the top of this particular screen might be a little confusing.

For both pairs above, Left: Old interface. Right: New interface.

The updated settings app makes it easier to tell which option you currently have selected, supplementing the chevron/arrow indicator and a subtle text color change with a bigger indicator that's easier to spot at a glance.

As noted by the folks at XDA, some of the changes aren't consistent yet — this is likely a work in progress. Some of the changes to selected item backgrounds, for example, aren't present everywhere in this version of the app.

Xiaomi has already pulled the app that it accidentally shared on its forums, and there's no outright proof that these app changes are coming to MIUI 12. Still, it gives us a glimpse at the evolving design language over at Xiaomi.