With many companies having moved to remote work, staying in touch with the rest of your team can be a challenge. Many of you are new to online team communication platforms, but here on Android Police, we've been using them for several years. Our choice is Slack, and we're happy the service has finally added custom message reminder times. If you're wondering what that is, allow me to explain.

When you select any message in Slack, whether one you've sent or someone else wrote, you can set up a reminder for it. When the time comes, Slack will bring up that message again. If your boss wants you to do a task, if you need to remember to check something, or if you want to snooze a piece of info for later, this is an incredibly useful feature. The problem? Until now, message reminders only supported hard-coded times: 20 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, tomorrow (9am), and next week (Monday, 9am).

Imagine you start work earlier or later than 9am, or you want a weekend reminder for a non-work related message, or any other scenario that requires you to set up a reminder for a specific time. You couldn't do that for messages. Your only workaround was to set up a manual reminder (using /remind), but that wasn't attached to a message in the conversation.

Now, Slack has a new Custom option for message reminders. Click it and you can select any date and any time, plus add a personal note.

The feature, which was announced in March, has finally rolled out and is currently on Slack on desktop and in the Android app — I'm running v20.04 (APK Mirror) on my phone and using the Slack web client.

It's really a basic option, but it should be very handy for any Slack user who gets pinged with multiple requests, stories, tips, and recommendations a day. Set up a custom reminder for each message depending on when it makes sense for you to check its content, and move on. Slack will ping you just when you need it.

I still wish Slack allowed users to customize what "tomorrow" and "next week" mean — you might start work at 7am or at 8pm, or your week could start on Sunday or Monday, so it'd be helpful to choose the default setting for those — and I'd like it to let us create more default options like in 2 days or in the weekend. Hopefully, those'll come soon.

Price: Free