DJI revolutionized drones by shrinking down the tech far enough to make it fit in a regular bag in the form of the Mavic Air. While the recently released Mavic Mini still beats the Air when it comes to its miniature size, the Air still offers a lot more features, making it a great device for anyone who wants to get started with aerial videography. It looks like the company is gearing up to release a successor on April 27, as it has added a teaser to its website with a close-up image of something that sure looks similar to the original Mavic Air.

According to some leaks laid out by DroneDJ, the purported Mavic Air 2 could come with a bigger battery than its predecessor at 3,500mAh along with a redesigned controller that should let you mount your phone on top of it. The Air 2 supposedly still won't have upward-facing obstacle sensors — you have to be careful when you use it inside. We don't know much more about the upcoming drone, so if there aren't any further leaks, the DJI event could still be an interesting watch.

Of course, DJI might introduce something else altogether, like a successor to the DJI Osmo Pocket. The company hasn't shared any details beyond the teaser on its website and Twitter. We'll know more on April 27 when the event starts at 6:30 pm PST (1:30 am GMT).