In an online presentation earlier today, OnePlus unveiled its latest flagships, the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. In addition to those new phones, the company also shared a budget-friendly alternative to the already inexpensive Bullets Wireless 2, the new Bullets Wireless Z earbuds with low latency and excellent battery life.

At only $50, we're looking at half the price of the last-gen model, so you'd be forgiven for assuming compromises were made to keep the cost down. If any corners were cut, we can safely say OP didn't skimp on battery life — like the Bullets Wireless 2, plugging the Bullets Wireless Z into a power source for 10 minutes will get you 10 hours of playback time.

Stepping up from 14 hours, this new budget option claims 20 hours of playback per charge. I can't think of another product that offers anything close to that, and that's certainly good enough to last even the longest of flights or car rides.

The design is, for better or worse, familiar to anyone who's used previous Bullets earbuds. Rather than being truly wireless, both buds are connected to a neckband that houses the battery and other components. While this benefits battery life greatly — you can fit a much larger battery in a neckband than in individual earbuds — it isn't the most comfortable arrangement. When running or jogging, neckbands like this tend to move around and rub against your skin, as well as cause sweat to build up on hot days (thank god for that IP55 rating). On the flip side, they're much harder to lose, which is a positive.

The Bullets Wireless Z are available in four colors: black, blue, mint, and oat. Oat is really just off-white with a fancy name, but they don't look too bad. Personally, I think mint is the nicest color of the bunch, but it's always good to have options.

OnePlus is highlighting the low latency of the Bullets Wireless Z, which is down to 110 milliseconds for this model. The buds themselves feature 9.2mm dynamic drivers and interchangeable "silicon" (which we're praying is a typo for silicone) tips.

The Bullets Wireless Z will be released on April 21st. Orders aren't open just yet, but you can submit your email to be notified when they are.