When Facebook announced it was releasing the Portal series of devices for video calls, skepticism abounded. Development on the devices continued unabated though, and they've been extremely well-reviewed. Facebook has come out with several variants in the past two years, including 10" and 15" models; today, its 8" variant, the Facebook Portal Mini, is on sale for just $80.

The Portal Mini has an 8" touch screen housed in a sleek black or white frame that also functions as a smart home hub. You can video chat with friends and family through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and like the Google Nest Hub, the camera will keep its focus by panning and zooming on whoever is talking. When not in use, the frame can turn into a picture display for your Facebook, Instagram, or phone's camera gallery, much like other smart hubs.

The ease of use and ability to stay in touch with people via video is invaluable right now, especially for our less technologically inclined friends and family. If you've been missing someone who doesn't have the ability to video call, this is the perfect opportunity to get them in on the game.