Google Opinion Rewards had a rocky ending to 2019, with many users' credits expiring without warning or explanation. That was soon rectified by placing an expiration date beneath your balance, though the explanation for the whole debacle was too little, too late. Moving past the controversy, Google's forging ahead in the new decade by making Opinion Rewards available in Chile, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates.

If you haven't used the service yet, Opinion Rewards is an app that uses your location and search history to ask you questions about where you've been and what you've been looking up. In return, Google gives you Play Store credit with the amount dependent on the question asked. It's a very handy way to accrue credit for the Play Store, and regular users have amassed hundreds of dollars over the years.

• Now available in Poland, Chile and the United Arab Emirates.

The availability section of the Opinion Rewards website hasn't been updated to reflect the three new countries, nor has it been for last month's expansion into Taiwan If you're a resident of these areas and interested in giving a try, we've included a link below.

Hong Kong and Malaysia

Everyone loves seeing when Google brings one of its services to a new group, but that's doubly true when the service we're talking about is basically "take this free money."

When we last checked in, Opinion Rewards was launching in Poland, Chile, and the UAE, giving users the opportunity to start earning credit to be redeemed in the Play Store (and a few other places). Today we've noticed that Google's master list of Opinion Rewards availability has been updated with two new entries: Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Now go ahead and sign up, wait for some surveys, and start accruing that cash.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
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