Heal: Pocket Edition is a brand new point and click adventure game from the creator behind the successful Distraint puzzle-horror seriesJesse Makkonen. Unlike the Distraint series, where psychological horror takes a front seat, Heal: Pocket Edition delves into the realities of dementia. This means it will be your job to guide an old man through the game's gloomy puzzle-filled world as you piece together a tale that's primarily told through atmosphere instead of text. This means Heal is something of an experimental release that offers a heartwarming story that's primarily revealed through gameplay, and you can pick up the Android version today for $4.99.

If you check out the trailer above, you'll quickly see that Heal: Pocket Edition offers striking graphics, tons of puzzles, and some sort of mystery that has to do with an elderly man. Much like the Distraint series, you'll walk through hallways while solving puzzles. Each hallway offers many clues for its puzzles, and so you'll piece together solutions through these clues, ultimately solving a larger puzzle, and then you'll move on to the next level, of which there are seven in total. This means Heal is a short game, and so it can be beaten in an hour or two. Oh, and since Heal is themed around dementia, much of the story won't make any sense until you get to the end, and then it all comes together. So yes, the heartfelt ending is easily worth the journey, though the experimental design of how the game's story is told may not appeal to everyone.

Another similarity to the Distraint series, the Android version of Heal is a premium release, which means you can pick it up today in its entirety for $4.99 ($2 less than the Steam version). There are no in-app purchases or advertisements included, so what you see is exactly what you get.

As a fan of Jesse Makkonen's Distraint series, I have to say Heal: Pocket Edition feels very similar in its execution, which I don't mind at all. Sure, Heal goes about telling its story in an experimental manner, but the lack of text works well with the dementia theme. Really, the only downside I can find is that this is a short game, and so some may scoff at the price. To me, spending $4.99 was well worth the journey, since this is a game that offers enjoyable puzzles, excellent art, haunting music, and an endearing story. So if you're a fan of quality point and click adventure games, I definitely recommend Heal: Pocket Edition.

Heal: Pocket Edition
Heal: Pocket Edition
Developer: Jesse Makkonen
Price: $5.49