Now more than ever, we could all use a powerful charger to revive our depleted devices quickly, and thanks to GaN-based components and USB-C PD technology, the latest generation of charging adapters are smaller and faster than ever before. Right now, you can pick up RAVPower's 61W USB-C wall charger in black or white for $22.99 and $25.99, respectively—saving up to $13 off the $35.99 list price in the process.

This particular model includes a single USB-C PD port capable of delivering up to 61W, which means it is capable of replenishing most devices, including laptops, at full speed while ensuring that connected devices receive the correct amount of power. Another nice touch is that the outlet prongs fold up for improved portability.

Follow the link below to get one of your own in black or white. Just remember that while both are on sale, their prices (pictured above) vary slightly. Either way, this is a great opportunity to reduce your time spent charging devices with one of our favorite USB-C PD chargers at the lowest price we've seen yet.