Excellent weather applications are rare on Android, with many of them having documented privacy issues or poor interfaces. Dark Sky was a favorite among many, thanks to its precise forecasts and clean design. It was revealed last month that the Android version would shut down, following the parent company's purchase by Apple, and the Play Store listing has taken a massive blow in the days since.

Dark Sky is now sitting at an average rating of 1.4/5 stars on the Google Play Store, down from 4.3/5 stars on January 14th. During that same period, the number of reviews has increased from 18,432 to 22,583.

Of course, now that the Play Store listing is only visible to people who previously installed the app, the swarm of 1-star reviews only amounts to yelling at the sky (pun intended). If you're a former Dark Sky user looking for a replacement, we have some recommendations here.