There are plenty of photo editing apps strewn across the Play Store, all vying to be your top choice for touching up the precious photos in your gallery. Unfortunately, many of these apps are supported by intrusive ads that not only take up valuable screen real estate but may also siphon your personal information and sell it to advertisers for profit. Wouldn't it be great to have an honest photo editor that only does what it claims to do? Enter Simple Gallery Pro, the affordable open source photo managing app built with power and privacy in mind.

A truly private photo editing app

Simple Gallery Pro is comprised of an entirely open source code that is free of any sort of ads or tracking codes. The app operates 100% without a data or Wi-Fi connection, meaning that no personal information – including your precious photos – are captured and transmitted to off-site servers to be used for nefarious purposes. All activities stay directly on your device.

Simple Gallery Pro also allows password protection for individual photo folders, as well as the ability to hide items from prying eyes, giving you ultimate control over your images.

Powerful and practical features

In addition to privacy, Simple Gallery Pro boasts a powerful range of features. Driven by an advanced photo editor, Simple Gallery Pro can transform an image to fit various dimensions, apply filters, adjust critical settings — like brightness, saturation, and exposure, — add text, tweak focus, and even draw on images. Photos can also be resized or reoriented.

If you accidentally delete a photo, the built-in recycle bin can bring your image back to life and return it to your gallery. Finally, Simple Gallery Pro can access important metadata from the photos in your camera roll, such as photo size, resolution, GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken, and even what device it was taken with.

A premium experience at a convenient price

Simple Gallery Pro promises a premium, private app experience, and based on customer feedback, the developer delivers. Simple Gallery Pro boasts a 4.8/5.0 star rating from more than 44,000 reviews on the Google Play Store. Among some of the top comments, users agree that Simple Gallery Pro is simple to use, yet powerful enough to manage camera rolls of any size, all at a convenient price.

Try Simple Gallery Pro today

If you're interested in giving Simple Gallery Pro a spin, you can pick it up from the Google Play Store right now for only $1.19. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, Simple Mobile Tools will issue a refund upon request. A free version of Simple Gallery is also available on the Play Store, but it is no longer supported by the developer and exists primarily for legacy purposes.

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