With GSuite, Google wants to take on competitors like Microsoft by offering a fully integrated collaboration ecosystem. Back in 2017, the company announced Hangouts Chat, its messaging solution for teams that is meant to compete directly with Slack. The service has been fully functional since early 2018, and just gained a new feature that lets you forward chats to your mailbox.

This action lets you hover a message on your computer or tap and hold it on mobile to forward it to your Gmail inbox. Doing so emails you the selected message and also includes the last four in the conversation. The subject line mentions the name of the thread or room, and images are attached to the email. There's also a link to open the thread directly in Hangouts Chat, in case you'd like to refer to it.

Although this is not a revolutionary function, it can be handy in case chat history is disabled, or simply if you use your Inbox as your to-do list and want to be reminded to take action based on what was said in a thread. The feature is fully rolled out on the web client, and is also available on Android and iOS apps.

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Google Chat
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