Happen to have a bit more time and attention to devote to a hobby? Why not listen to audiobooks on your capable Google Assistant speaker or display? Google has made it easier for its smart device owners to sample and buy titles without having to use your phone or computer.

If you've got a Google/Nest Home/Hub or any Assistant-powered speaker or display, you're able to sample any audiobook in the Play Store inventory that you do not already own.

You'll first need to make sure that you have payment information logged with Assistant — if you don't, open up Google Assistant, tap the outbox icon, then tap your account avatar, Settings, switch to the Assistant tab and look for Payments... or you can follow these instructions, it's all a wash.

After that, all you need to do is tell your display or speaker to "Read Little Fires Everywhere" or whatever audiobook you can find in the Play Store. The device will then play a sample of about 10 minutes or so. Upon conclusion, the Assistant will then ask if you want to buy the book. If you say "yes," your card will be charged and the book will continue playing from where it left off.

Audiobook samples are already available on mobile and desktop, but playback cannot be transferred between mediums.

Happy reading/listening!