We've all been there—someone needs to get on your Wi-Fi network, and you begin awkwardly reading out your nonsense password. Thankfully, Android has an alternative these days. In a few taps, you can provide a QR code that will get visitors connected to your network right away. Here's how to do it.

First, be aware both you and your acquaintance will need to be running Android 10 or newer. With that out of the way, you can head into your Wi-Fi settings to get started. Tap on your network name, and near the top, you should have a "Share" button with a QR-like icon. The exact UI will vary by device maker, but the images we have here are from a Pixel. Tap the share button, and verify your device lock to generate a code.

The code will automatically connect another phone to your Wi-Fi network, but your password is also printed in plain text under the QR code. To scan that code on another phone, look for the "Add network" option at the bottom of the network list. There should be a QR icon next to that. Simply tap the icon and point the viewfinder at the QR code on the currently connected phone. And that's all it takes.