Holding onto a grandfathered Google Play Music subscription has become a badge of honor for many, but a hiccup in billing may require that you double-check that it's still active. There have been a growing number of reports that accounts with the original $7.99 Play Music subscription haven't auto-renewed this month. Some people are able to restore the subscription easily enough, and others may have to reach out to support to get things corrected.

Judging by reports in our comments and on reddit, auto-renewing subscriptions appear to have started failing earlier this week. So far it looks like this only applies to the grandfathered $7.99 plan on Google Play Music, not the $9.99 subscription that came later, or any subscriptions under YouTube.

When the auto-renewal fails, Google generates a cancellation email to report that the subscription will remain active through the next billing date and attempt to process the payment again later. Some accounts may recover, but the cancellations are sticking for others.

If your account failed to auto-renew, some of the comments on reddit suggest it may be possible to simply resubscribe and still keep your original pricing. However, the owner of an affected account confirmed that this didn't work for him, and others are having the same results, so this may require contacting customer service to get back to the grandfathered pricing.

You can check your current subscriptions in the Google Play Store to confirm your billing status. We've reached out to Google for additional details. Under the circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, it's likely our query and Google's customer service may not respond as quickly as usual.

Google is working on it

Google responded to our inquiry to confirm that they are aware of the issue and working on fixing it.