Google is putting on a sale to move units of its original smart speaker, the Google Home, out from stores and into your residence. If you want or need one for any reason, you can get one from anywhere (and we mean anywhere) for half-off.

The company recently enabled smart speaker owners to sample and buy audiobooks right from their speaker. And if you already have a Home or Home Mini, you can pair them up for stereo sound! But honestly, you're probably just cooped up in self-isolation and are tired of wearing headphones — what, it's just me out here?

The Google Home is just $49 right now — $50 off its current MSRP — at B&H, Best Buy (although it's charging an extra 99 cents, great), Target, and Walmart. The Google Store also has it for the same price, but if you're a member of StudentBeans, you can get 10% off your purchase. And if you're a Google One user, you can get a percentage back in store credit.

Please ask Google Assistant to play all of the nice things.