With devices like the LG V60 and Microsoft's upcoming Surface Duo, phones and tablets that feature multiple screens are becoming more common. The benefit of having multiple displays when using Chrome on desktop is having two tabs open in full screen at the same time. Now some new code added to Chrome's source points to full-featured dual-screen support coming to Android, as well.

A new flag called "multiple display" is described as moving a Chrome tab to a secondary display when active. As Google has been making a point of improving the Android experience across foldables and devices with multiple screens, it's only natural that its apps follow that same direction.

Multiple Display

When enabled, tabs can be moved to the secondary display.


Although there are no signs of Microsoft doing so yet, it's a safe bet that the company will be eager to help out here, especially as Edge is now Chromium-based. Google and Microsoft are working together to make Android 11 more friendly for devices like the Surface Duo, so it's in the best interest of both parties.

With all the madness that's going on in the world and Googlers working from home, it's impossible to know when this new addition to Chrome will see the light of day. Hopefully, it'll be ready for the release of the Surface Duo, or at least soon after.