If you're quarantined at home, you might enjoy the company of a smart display. It'll help you get through your day, cook, and stay in touch with loved ones. JBL's Link View offers excellent audio quality, combined with a front-facing camera and microphones, letting you enjoy a complete smart display experience. When it came out, the device cost about $300, but it's now down to just $100 at Best Buy.

The JBL Link View features an 8-inch touchscreen, a 5MP camera for Duo calls, and two 10W front-facing speakers. Its IPX4 rating lets you place it in the kitchen or bathroom without worrying about potential water splashes. In her review, Rita appreciated the build and sound quality, as well as the device's ability to make video calls. She also liked that the camera and microphone can also be blocked for added privacy. Sadly, she wasn't a big fan of the design and price, but this markdown should help make up for it.

If you'd like to get one, use the link below to place your order. There shouldn't be a shipping delay, as Best Buy mentions an estimated delivery on April 10.

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