Lots of folks are probably watching Pluto TV these days, given that it's free, cross-platform, and has tons of streaming channels (including live news). Those of you using it on Android may notice a new interface the next time you fire the app up. Originally landing on other platforms like iOS and Roku, now it's made its way to Android.

A changelog for the new version of the app (v 5.0.2) was pushed to the Play Store just yesterday:


Pluto TV is always on. Our new and improved channel lineup shows you the entire universe of Pluto TV's movies and TV shows in an easy-to-navigate channel guide and on-demand menu.

Found you love on one of our 250+ channels? If your title is available on-demand, you can click on the “Watch Now” button to watch it on-demand.

Find what you love even faster. Choose from categories like Movies, News, Sports and more to skip directly through Pluto TV’s 250+ channels to the channels you love the most.

If you've used Pluto TV before, most things are generally in the same place, but there are a few key changes (and omissions — more on those later). Now there are just two tabs in the navigation bar, and genres for channel categories now get their own labels for easy sorting in a scrolling ribbon just above the channel list and on-demand list.


Left: Before. Center and right: After. "On Demand" has the same contents that "Movies and Shows" did.

That's among other visual changes, like taller lines for each channel in the Live TV listings and tweaks to overall colors and backgrounds, all of which are now more consistent with the desktop site's style. The previous "My Pluto" section for signing into the app is now accessible from either of the other two panes via the settings-like icon to the top right.

Before (above) and after (below). Note the top right button for picture-in-picture is now gone.

Full-screen playback offers nearly the same controls, but with a similarly re-tuned layout, bigger channel branding, and much larger titles. Notably, however, picture-in-picture controls are gone. If they have a new location, I can't find them.

Before (left) and after (right). Casting controls now consume the whole screen. 

Although the UI change was previously heralded as bringing features like a Watch List and Channel Favoriting to other platforms, it seems Android still hasn't gotten either. More confusingly, the app also seems to have lost its video quality settings, which were previously accessible via a cog icon in the corner during playback. As with the picture-in-picture controls, if those settings are still around, I can't find them.

This screen seems to be gone in the new version of the app.

The update is rolling out now via the Play Store. If you really enjoyed any of the now-missing features, however, the old version of the app still works. If necessary, you can continue to download the pre-5.0 versions via APK Mirror, and we can confirm they still work — at least, for now.  If you're not familiar with the process of rolling back to an older version of an app, we've got instructions.