OnePlus 6 and 6T owners that are running the OxygenOS Open Betas just snagged a new update. The changelog this time around is quite light, delivering last month's (March 2020) security patches, and a mere three fixes.

The full changelog is just below:


  • Now unlock the LockBox without any problems in File Manager
  • No more crashes in the Launcher with apps in full-screen display
  • Got rid of blank screens while clearing up the background apps
  • Updated Android Security Patch to 2020.03

If you're unfamiliar, OnePlus phones come with their own file browser, descriptively named File Manager. Built into the app is a "Lockbox" tool that lets you move files and folders into a PIN-protected area where most other apps can't see them. Apparently, the last Open Beta was giving Lockbox users some trouble, so that's been fixed.

Lockbox in the OnePlus File Manager.

Other fixes are probably self-explanatory, though we don't know what the issues themselves might have looked like. Apps using the full-screen display mode won't trigger a crash of the launcher anymore, and clearing apps won't cause "blank screens." And, of course, the Beta is now running more recent security patches.

The update should be rolling out as an OTA for those already on the Open Betas now. If you'd like to join the Open Beta program, doing it is as easy as downloading the Open Beta images available from OnePlus' site and installing them via recovery. (If you're not familiar with that process and can't figure it out, the Open Betas probably aren't for you.) Just keep in mind that migrating back usually requires a factory reset.