Netflix is giving users more controls who can access which profile and what titles they can access from within. Most of these additions are for meant to tailor the viewing experience for kids, but for groupies sharing a single account, at least one of the changes will relieve some people from having their content suggestions bombed by their fellow viewers.

Previously, subscribers could restrict access to specific shows and movies as well as titles with certain maturity ratings on the whole account level by PIN input.

Now, account holders can PIN-restrict profiles as well. This lets parents better control their kids' watching habits and keeps everyone in their own lane on a shared account. Account owners can now ban specific titles and mature-rated content from being found on certain profiles and also turn off autoplay for kids' profiles — a move YouTube has done for its own kids content under scrutiny from the FTC.

Netflix has also modified how maturity ratings — TV-MA versus 15+ —appear based on which country users are based.

These controls are available in users' account settings pages right now.

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