Streaming has become the dominant form of entertainment — especially as of late — and having all your options available in one easy-to-access place is becoming a luxury we can all afford. Today, Amazon has TCL's 55-inch Roku-enabled Smart TV for just $450, giving you 4K capabilities and streaming services in a decently-priced packaged.

TCL's 6-Series televisions feature crisp 4K HDR, Dolby Vision enhancements, and the Roku smart system, giving you access to almost every streaming app you could want: Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Plex, and Hulu, to name just a select few. Along with an enhanced remote you can control with your voice, this set offers a nice way to kick-start your home entertainment setup or an inexpensive means to add another great TV to your home.

These sets also feature integration with Google Home and Alexa, allowing you to control the TV with your assistants — pretty nifty when your hands are occupied or you're on the run.

The standard price for this particular model has been $530 for the past year, which makes today's sale a solid $80 off.