If you spend your day going through email, you probably know this is usually a painstaking task. Most of us tend to receive messages we'd rather not see, and spend way too much time organizing our mailbox instead of being productive. Gmail is probably one of the most intuitive email providers on the market, but its interface is not necessarily the most convenient one when it comes to work-related emails. Edison has been working on addressing this issue with its email client, but now wants to go further by announcing its own email service that's designed to compete directly with Gmail.

OnMail is built to help users be efficient and productive, with a couple of unique features meant to make their daily life easier and take the pain away from dealing with emails. The first one is permission control, which lets you decide whether you want to accept emails from a sender, a little bit like with Instagram and Messenger, which mark incoming messages from unknown senders as pending until you agree to interact with them.

Edison also wants to make it much easier to centralize everything related to a contact in a single hub. The latter can show all messages, documents, and media received from that person or sent to them, which is much simpler than searching through previous threads.

If you do need to run a search, you'll be able to use natural queries, a bit like what you can do in Gmail. For instance, you can just look up "From Scott last week" to see all the emails you've received from him during that period.

There are also some more common features built-in, such as added privacy options that block read receipts — which is already the case in Gmail — or let you send large attachments. The interface itself also looks intuitive, which will hopefully make it seamless to go through a big pile of emails. We're not sure whether OnMail will work with third-party clients or require you to use the Edison Mail client. It's also unclear how the company plans on financing its new service. We'll probably know more in the coming months, as OnMail is set to launch this summer. In the meantime, you can sign up for an early preview on the official website.

Press Release

Announcing OnMail, New Mail Service to Save Time and Give You Control Over Your Inbox

Built by the Most Popular Independent Email App Provider, Edison OnMail Offers First-of-Its-Kind Permission Control Over Who Can Enter Your Inbox & More

San Jose, CA — April 7, 2020 — Edison Software, today announced plans to launch a brand new email service, OnMail, slated for release in Summer 2020. OnMail is simple, lightning fast, and the first mail service to provide you full control over who can enter your inbox. OnMail is built for most consumers today who typically spend about 30 percent of their time online on mail, yet often experience common email problems not being solved by legacy mail providers. Following its success with Edison Mail, the #1 independent email app on the App Store, Edison set out more than two years ago to build the OnMail service. Sign up now to be the first to get an invitation at www.onmail.com.

The advantage of Edison’s near decade of experience improving email for consumers and fighting email overload will be reflected in the new OnMail service. Unlike leading email providers that are more than 20 years old and continuously adding more, unnecessary features, OnMail includes a simplified mailbox design built for more natural usability and common-sense functionality that parallels the way consumers use and think about email today. OnMail is the first and only email service to offer consumers revolutionary new Permission Control invented by Edison that allows you to approve or reject email senders you do or do not want to take up space in your mailbox. Additional features of the service include superior Search retrieval capability, Large Attachment support, automatic read receipt blocking without disabling images, enhanced speed of delivery, and much more.

“We’ve invested years as a company working to bring back happiness to the inbox,” said Mikael Berner, CEO, and Co-Founder at Edison Software. “OnMail is built from the ground up to change mail. Nobody should fear giving out their address or have to create multiple accounts to escape an overcrowded mailbox.”

Email to Remain Essential as Future Workforce Grows Remote
As the next generation of consumers grow increasingly entrepreneurial, independent, and remote as a workforce, so will reliance on digital communication tools. The need for a modern email service will become even more critical for individuals based outside of a traditional office setting who have use cases that span across personal brand building, business operations, and freelance work projects. A 2019 study by Upwork forecasts that by 2028, 73 percent of all teams will have remote workers. Additionally, new proprietary data from Edison Mail indicates that daily mobile email use among millions of consumers worldwide increased by 6% between March 16-20 when most people were confined to their homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, compared to the same time period the month previous.

OnMail is being engineered with a brand new mix of features that these individuals can rely on to amplify productivity, elevate networking, and maintain control over their mail space.
Edison’s 2017 national survey about the state of email found that the type of email that Americans are most likely to delete is from someone they don’t know (76%), followed by retail emails (65%). OnMail’s Permission Control prevents those emails from entering your mailbox in the first place unless you permit them.

Other core features of the service are designed to stop common email problems like unwelcome solicitations flooding your inbox every moment, outdated mailbox search functionality that does not retrieve the information you need, and having to break up attachments that are too large to send, to name a few.

An Independent Email Service That is Fast, Safe, and Secure
Edison OnMail offers an independent and privacy-forward email service consumers can trust. The service is built 100% from scratch by Edison using cutting edge technology and security standards. Edison OnMail users will have the option to choose between free and paid versions of the service offering a menu of feature sets for individuals, freelance professionals, and companies to use.

OnMail users can Opt-In to share de-identified data with Edison for its research-backed business model. There are no advertisements or read receipts being served at any level of the OnMail service, so everyone can take back the convenience and privacy of using email without being personally targeted.