We've got Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and myriad other streaming video options. Is there room for another competitor? Hollywood seems to think so, and that's why Quibi is launching today. Quibi focuses on quick episodes optimized for phones, and you can give it a shot for free.

Quibi's selling point is that you can watch the videos in either landscape or portrait orientation thanks to its "sidecar" video format. You can switch back and forth whenever you want, and the episodes are less than 10 minutes long—perfect for all those dang Gen Z-ers with their short attention spans.

The service, which is backed by Hollywood heavyweights like Jeffrey Katzenberg, comes with a 90-day free trial. After that, it'll be $4.99 per month with ads or $7.99 per month with no ads. That ad-supported tier is probably going to be a tough sell. There is a lot of content at launch, so maybe it'll keep you busy in quarantine for a while. Some T-Mobile subscribers can also get a year of Quibi for free.