Samsung Internet is one of the most popular web browsers available for Android, partially because it's preinstalled on all of Samsung's phones, and partially because it has a few features you don't get with Chrome. Version 11.2 has now hit the beta channel, featuring more customization settings and some improvements to the browser's tracker blocker.

Samsung Internet first added toolbar customization in version 10.2, giving users the option to add or remove buttons just like with desktop browsers. The latest beta release adds even more optional buttons: one that creates a tab, a Secret Mode (Samsung's version of Incognito Mode) shortcut, a toggle to temporarily disable ad blockers, and a quick exit button that can clear history and cookies.

There's also an optional search button that selects the address bar for you, so reaching to the top of the screen isn't strictly necessary. This mirrors the 'Duet' interface that Google has been experimenting with for over a year, which has a search icon at the bottom of the screen that opens the address bar.

Finally, Samsung Internet 11.2 adds a few privacy-related features. The new 'Block unwanted pages' setting attempts to prevent malicious webpages from sending you into a redirect loop when you try to back out of them, but since it could break some sites, it's not enabled by default. Samsung has also implemented an improved anti-tracking engine, and the ability to prevent links from opening in their native apps (if you have them installed).

You can download the latest beta of Samsung Internet from the Play Store below, or grab it from APKMirror. Annoyingly, the browser is still using Chromium 75 as its core, which is nearly a year old at this point.