If you've had your eye on a Moment case and were just waiting for a killer sale, there has never been a better time to pick one up. All of Moment's cases are currently on sale for just $20, down from the regular price of $40; and the discounts get bigger with more cases. And while you're shopping cases, many other products from Moment and other brands are also on sale for as much as 30% off.

While you're looking at Moment cases, it's worth taking the opportunity to pick up as many as you can, whether it's to get extra options for your own phones or splitting the order with a friend. A single case will run $20, which is half the regular price of most of the cases offered by Moment. However, if you pick up 2 cases and use the code 2casesfor30, the total price drops to $30, and 4 cases will run just $40 with the code 4casesfor40. Yeah, just $10 per premium case.

The rest of Moment's products are also on sale for 30% off with the code optinside. This includes lenses, filters, straps, and bags. There's also a separate 50% off sale running for a few more days on video lessons if you're looking to learn from some working professionals in the field of photography and videography.

If you're in the market for some of the other brands available through Moment's store, there are also several other sales going on this week and next. You can pick up anything from drones to camera straps, but be mindful of the dates since some are starting or ending on different schedules:

The Moment sale is going on this week through Friday, and don't forget to use the discount codes for anything other than individual cases for $20. All of Moment's products get free 2-day shipping, or you can bump the price for an upgrade to overnight shipping. Be advised, only one discount can apply at a time, so you'll want to create separate orders if you're picking up some cases and lenses.