Lots of our local businesses may be closed, and we may be trapped at home due to the ongoing pandemic, but that doesn't mean we can't still order a bit of takeout or delivery from a nearby restaurant. Whether you're just trying to keep your local joints in business or you're working twice as hard and don't have time to cook, Google Maps has adapted to the changing times. The app now promotes filters for both takeout and delivery food. It also highlights those two details as labels beneath restaurants in the maps overview and in search results.

Takeout and delivery labels beneath listings on Maps on desktop (left) and Android (right). Note that takeout and delivery filters are also prominently featured beneath the search bar on  Android.

Previously, the takeout and delivery filters beneath the search bar in the Google Maps Android app were buried in the "more" menu, accessible by scrolling the filter ribbon all the way to the left, but both have been pushed to the forefront in the last week or so. Each option immediately takes you to a list of local restaurants that offer the service.

The two labels are also appearing beneath listings on the map itself, though you may have to zoom in pretty far for them to show up. Both options are also highlighted for restaurants that appear outside of Maps in Google Search, with big colorful check marks and crosses next to labels.

Google highlights takeout and delivery in search, too. 

I should note, these features may not be present in all markets. Google Maps' information also may not always be up-to-date for all your local restaurants, and hours and services are fluctuating quite a lot these days. You'll still want to verify with the restaurant itself before heading out. It's probably a better idea to just stay home, anyway — you can get delivery, too.

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