These days, it's more important than ever to be mindful of how often our hands come into contact with the surfaces and objects around us. It's also well known that our phones can carry more microbes than almost anything else we touch regularly. One of the easiest ways to reduce contact with your phone, at least while driving, is to rely on a car mount and voice commands, and, with our latest deal, you can save 20% off the Kenu Airmount+, which typically sells for $18.70.

The Airframe+ vent mount is compatible with phone screens that measure up to 6" diagonally and up to 3.4" wide, so even though this model first launched a few years ago, it will work with an assortment of modern smartphones as well. Thanks to this accessory's impressive build quality, you can repeatedly affix and remove the Airframe+ without worrying about damaging it or your car's vent covers. You can also trust the mount to hold your phone snug in either portrait or landscape orientation.

While you may have to put off that road trip you'd been planning, you can still improve your daily commute and other essential driving by incorporating a high-quality phone mount rather than burning through cheaply made knock-off that will wear out in just a few months. If you've been relying on an old, worn-out mount that needs replacement or you've made it this far without any kind of dedicated phone holder in your vehicle, follow the link below to grab one of these for yourself.