Epic Games has teamed up with the gaming division of Bad Robot (a studio created in partnership with Tencent) to create a mobile game set in a secret world of espionage called Spyjinx. The title was originally announced back in 2015 (yes, you read that right), and was supposed to enter into a beta in 2016. Clearly, that never happened (even the social media for this game went silent for four years), though it would appear the two studios haven't abandoned the game since Epic recently published an overview of the title while announcing a beta test for iOS.

As you would expect, neither Epic or Bad Robot Games have shared any useful details about the upcoming release for Spyjinx in the majority of promotional materials. Below you can find the four screenshots shared in the recent overview post on Epic's site. In this post, Epic states the game will offer "a mix of action-strategy gameplay, RPG character development, and head-to-head multiplayer," but that doesn't really explain much since just about every mobile game claims to offer similar mechanics.

For a clearer look at what's to be expected, you'll have to venture on over to a different post on the official Spyjinx website to dig into a few clues. The first thing to note is that speed will play a significant role in success. It would also appear that an energy system will limit player movement, which sounds like the opposite of fun, not to mention the opposite of quick gameplay. Base building is apparently in the mix as well, and the multiplayer aspects of the title will allow other players to raid your base (sound familiar), so defenses will have to be built. A battle pass is also expected (this is an Epic game after all), along with loot boxes for character gacha draws, so there's no doubt Epic will monetize this collection game aggressively.

So if you were wondering why the overview post and all social media for this game haven't actually detailed how Spyjinx plays, now you know why. So since this is a title about pulling off epic heists, it pretty much sounds like you'll build a team of spies to then raid players online to work your way up a leaderboard, all while utilizing your resources to keep your base protected. Yawn.

As is stands, no release date has been provided, and of course, monetization plans are unknown past the inclusion of loot boxes and a battle pass. I'd say it's a safe bet to expect a free-to-play release through the Epic Games app (formerly known as the Fortnite installer). Hopefully, more details about the Android version will come to light as Spyjinx enters into beta testing on iOS, but until then, it looks like Android is taking a backseat with iOS as the primary focus for the title's renewed development.

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