If you noticed a superfluous casting notification last night while watching content via Android TV, it turns out, that's a thing right now. Some folks are getting cast/Chromecast media control notifications on their phones when watching content in apps on their Android TV devices (including the Nvidia Shield), even when they aren't actually casting anything. Just turning on a show via Plex or Netflix via the Android TV app is triggering casting controls for some. But Google is already working on a fix.

Reports don't seem especially widespread for this problem, and none of us here at Android Police has experienced it (yet), but for those affected, the symptoms are very simple: A casting notification appears for devices on the same network as the Android TV when it's playing back content without casting, even just inside apps on the Android TV itself. Affected apps, according to reports, include YouTube, YouTube TV, Kodi, Netflix, Tidal, Disney+, and Plex, though others probably also trigger it. Affected devices include the Shield TV and MiBox. For those affected, all compatible Android devices on their networks receive these ongoing (but usually silent) notifications with media controls.

We reached out to Google for more information regarding this problem, and a company spokesperson informed us it's aware of the issue and working on a fix. In the meantime, if you're bothered by the notifications, you can disable them entirely. But do note, that will also prevent them from appearing when you're actually casting content.

There's no schedule yet on when the fix might land, but I don't imagine it will take too long.

Fix rolling out

As promised, we are told that a fix started rolling out last night. We don't know the mechanism of the rollout, but it should land on your Android TV device soon (if it hasn't already).

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