If This Then That, or IFTTT for short, is the web that loosely connects dozens of smart home platforms and online services together. It can post a tweet when your laundry is done, make your lights blink when the International Space Station flies overhead, or send a notification when a game you want is on sale. Since the last time we covered IFTTT, 14 new services have been added, though there are a few removals as well.

The main new highlight is the popular TickTick to-do/task manager, though there aren't any triggers/actions available yet. Here are all the services that have been added:

As usual, IFTT has also removed a few services, including some big names. Facebook Messenger is gone, which allowed you to send messages automatically to your contacts. HP Print support has also been discontinued, so no more sending jobs to your printer using voice commands or automatic actions. G Smart, Signul Beacon, and Mirubee are also gone.

Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free+