Two new co-op games have jumped into the queue for Stadia's 2020 lineup and they look to be bangers. We're looking at gun-induced volleyball game Gunsport — which will debut first on Stadia — and rhythm-based bullet hell Just Shapes & Beats.

Oakland-based Necrosoft will launch Gunsport on the platform this summer. It pits teams of two against each other to shoot guns at "balls" at their enemy's goals and earn points to win games and, thus, arguments since the world apparently has completed the disarmament of society. Nice. You'll still get to enjoy some lovely 16-bit cyberpunk aesthetics anyways — even without life-threatening conflict, it never goes out of style.

At the same time, Berzerk Studio will be porting its 2018 title Just Shapes & Beats to Stadia. Up to four players at a time can team up to survive a whole bunch of shapes ramming their way across the screen in time with EDM tracks — it's not really a bullet hell as much as a "blob hell," but it looks quite fun anyways. No word on a narrower timeframe just yet.