With over 50 million tracks available on its service and even more being released every day, Spotify surely has a problem in how good it is at helping you discover new music. The Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists are sure nice, but the streaming giant is working on more. Social discovery and notifications from artists you're interested in could come soon, and so is a new Follow Feed for releases by artists you follow.

Spotify already helps you see new singles and albums by artists you like through at least three different ways: the Release Radar playlist, the New releases for you subsection on the app's homescreen, and the Search > Discover > New releases for you section. The first one doesn't include full albums and is often several days late after a release, while the second and third are sometimes difficult to dig and limited in what they show you.

A dedicated Follow Feed section could help fix this disbanded approach. It'd be a central place to discover new singles and albums from "artists you follow," though I'm not sure about the "and more" aspect in the feed's description. I already have trouble keeping up with all the artists I follow, I don't want more. I actually want less. I often wish I could tell Spotify which artists I just like and want to check from time to time, and which ones I absolutely love and want to be notified about all the time. That'd help define priorities when new releases come in, so even if I haven't listened to those I love in a while (they have no recent album, or I'm on a temporary bender discovering other kinds of music), I'd still be instantly notified of their new tracks.

The Follow Feed isn't live yet. It was discovered and enabled by renowned APK tinkerer Jane Manchun Wong. All we have is the screenshot above, so we'll have to wait and see how this feature pans out and whether you can customize the list of artists you get notified about. Plus, it's not sure if Spotify will implement a real feed that you can see at any time and that lets you scroll back through past notifications, or if it'll just surface the new release once then move on.

Rolling out

The Follow Feed has started rolling out. XDA-Developers spotted the feature live on a device running Spotify v8.5.51.941, but it seems to be activated server-side.