The New York Times reports that Amazon will follow in Stadia's footsteps with its own cloud gaming service, currently code-named Project Tempo. Details are sparse, but Amazon's general plans were confirmed just earlier today, with the service expected to launch this year — though coronavirus could push it back.

Although most of The New York Times' story focused on two future games from Amazon's new game studio (Crucible and New World), the company also abstractly teased upcoming interactive games for its Twitch streaming platform. But Project Tempo, a cloud-based gaming platform, sets Amazon's long-term sights squarely on Google's Stadia.

The NYT reports that Project Tempo was originally set to launch in an "early version" this year, but it might be pushed back to 2021 as a result of coronavirus. Though that would imply the company has made plenty of work on it, we don't know any of the specifics or potential advantages Amazon might offer with its service over or beyond Google's Stadia, Microsoft's xCloud, or Nvidia's GeForce Now.

All we really know about Project Tempo is that Amazon is working on it. But with the company's already massive investments when it comes to the prerequisites — like game studios, server/cloud infrastructure, and services like Twitch to promote/integrate with — Amazon could be at an advantage if and when Project Tempo gets off the ground. That's not to mention the fact that Google has a reputation for killing services when they don't immediately pan out, while Amazon's known to throw cash at them for years until they work. Developers might trust in the house of Bezos a bit more when choosing between platforms.