It's prudent to buy Google products at certain times of the year since they are often discounted on special occasions. The next sale season is Easter, and Google UK has a range of deals to entice you. Not only can you get money off some of its newest products like Pixel 4 and Nest Mini, but a few older devices are also down in price.

Starting with the company's latest flagship phones, there are different deals depending on where you buy them. The official Google Store isn't actually lowering the price, but rather offering £150 store credit when you make a purchase. Not to worry though, because other retailers are offering proper discounts on Pixel 4 and 4 XL, and if you get the 128GB model, you can get £170 off the standard price. The Pixel 3a also sees a modest price drop, starting at £299.

Pixel 4

Pixel 4 XL

Pixel 3a

Pixel 3a XL

In terms of other deals on the Google Store, it's mostly smart home-related stuff, with the Nest Mini being a great buy for just £29 — its sound quality is an improvement over the Home Mini and it can now be easily wall-mounted too. Other discounted Google hardware includes Nest Wifi, Chromecast, and several smart cameras. Not that we'd recommend it particularly, but the Pixel Slate is also heavily reduced.

Speakers and displays



Pixel Slate

Most of these deals will expire on April 21, so don't hang about too long before making a decision. We'll keep an eye out for any other interesting deals.