Google's approach to software can be described as "Just throw it at customers and see what sticks." That shows — many beloved but ultimately unsuccessful projects have been killed over the years, and mentioning Inbox, Google+, and Google Reader only scratches the surface. The latest platform to join the Google graveyard is Neighbourly, Google's India-only Q&A app for questions about places and events in your community.

On a help page and in an email sent to users, Google talks a lot about how it wanted to connect people hyperlocally with the service, but in essence, it's shutting it down a few days before its second birthday because "the app hasn't grown like we had hoped." The company wants to use the know-how gained from the platform to improve its existing services.

Google's email to Neighbourly users, announcing the shutdown.

The app will continue working until May 12. After that, you can still download your data via Google Takeout through October 12, 2020. Google encourages people who want to keep sharing with neighbors to become Google Maps Local Guides, which is somewhat comparable since you can ask questions about places right in Maps, too. It's certainly not a full-fledged alternative, though.

Neighbourly: What’s happening nearby
Neighbourly: What’s happening nearby
Developer: Google LLC
Price: To be announced