The novel coronavirus has come down like a ton of bricks on the global workforce. And with all the precautions and orders in place to shut down society as we've known it, having a smartphone to get things done is more essential than ever. So, if you want something that will do the job well for a good, long while at a low price, then we've got an exclusive deal for you: a Galaxy S10e for $150 off.

The S10e was a brilliant option last year at $750 for people who wanted all the features of a phone they've come to expect: headphone jack, capacitive fingerprint sensor, 128GB of built-in storage plus a microSD slot, IP68 water and dust resistance, decent cameras, the works. The Snapdragon 855 is still fairly fresh and powerful and 6GB of RAM is enough to work with.

With the introduction of the S20 series, Samsung opted to keep producing S10 series devices and sell them for $150 off. That decision paves the way for sellers to offer even lower prices for a pretty good phone.

Sellers like DailySteals, which has been offering open box new units today for $550 (that's $50 off the reduced MSRP) today along with a 1-year warranty.

Android Police, though, would like to make a good deal better. Enter our exclusive promo code APSGLXY on checkout and you can take off another $100, bringing the total price down to just $450 for a brand new Galaxy S10e. You'll be able to use this unlocked phone on any major U.S. network, GSM or CDMA. This offer's valid while supplies last.

With so many people becoming underemployed or unemployed, we will all need every little break we can get. Good luck out there.