The South by Southwest (SXSW) conference this year may have been canceled this year due to coronavirus concerns, but the movies that were going to be presented there will still be shown. And thanks to Amazon, it won't just be attendees enjoying these flicks, either. Amazon and SXSW are working together to stream them, and we'll all be able to watch them — for free.

Details are still unknown (or TBD), but the news comes courtesy of an announcement from Amazon Prime Video's Twitter account, confirmed by the SXSW festival's account. But it will be free (as in beer), even for non-Prime subscribers as part of a 10-day streaming event. We're not sure if that's a single live stream of each film selected in series, or a 10-day period that we might be able to stream content on-demand for more flexible watching.

The selection of titles hasn't been published just yet, and it sounds like some from the original festival lineup may not be included (based on the "collection" phrasing), but things chosen should be from that list, with quite a lot of world premieres included.

If you're rationing your Netflix and Hulu to keep content fresh over the coming weeks (or months — who knows right now), be sure to tune in... whenever it ends up happening. SXSW organizers are currently targeting a "late April" date as they waiting for filmmakers to opt-in to have their titles included.