We're Five Games and tinyBuild have released Totally Reliable Delivery Service on the Google Play Store, a sandbox game that offers ragdoll physics and online co-op multiplayer gameplay. This means you can choose to deliver packages alone, or team up with a friend (up to 4 players), and the ragdoll physics will ensure an even distribution of noodly chaos as everyone comes to grips with the controls. If you dig games like Human: Fall Flat, then you're going to love Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

The above trailer offers a quick glimpse of the absurdity found within Totally Reliable Delivery Service. Since this is a sandbox game, players are free to explore the world however they like, much like you would in Goat Simulator. So in a similar fashion, this is a game designed around quirky controls and ridiculous physics. Ideally, this design choice will create outlandish situations that players will find humorous, and since this is a game that supports online co-op play out of the box, teaming up with friends is definitely the ideal way to play. Of course, delivering packages is the primary goal (though you are free to explore), and so it will be the player's job to load packages onto conveyor belts and trucks while trying really hard to not destroy every package.

Now, it can take a while to get used to the touchscreen controls, and since this is a game designed around the difficulty of controlling your character, some people may not have the patience to learn the ins and outs. Luckily bluetooth controllers are supported, and so I would highly recommend playing this title with a controller if you can. That's not to say there is no fun to be had with the touchscreen controls, it's just going to be that much more challenging to do the things you want to do, but perhaps that will add to the fun for some.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is listed as a free-to-play release on the Play Store, but you can unlock the full game through an in-app purchase. This is a title that offers DLC, and so you can purchase the core game for $4.99, and each DLC (so far, there are three, and only one is available at this date) will run you $1.99 a piece. You can also opt to unlock the deluxe version for $9.99 (currently 20% off), which will include all DLC as it's released.

All in all, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a fun little time-waster that's great to play with a small group of friends. The quirky controls allow for some zany antics, and since this is a sandbox game, you are free to mess around as much as you like. On top of that, the delivery aspect is pretty fun, so there's more of a goal to this title than a game like Goat Simulator. Honestly, this is an excellent release for anyone looking to kill some time with friends online while they are self-quarantining, and best of all, it's reasonably priced, so make sure you don't miss out.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service
Totally Reliable Delivery Service