Ever since Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, the brand's update strategy hasn't been the same. The original Moto X used to receive the Android 4.x updates almost as fast as the Nexus devices, but Lenovo seems to have different priorities. As such, the Moto Z4 is receiving Android 10 only now, half a year after it was first released to Google's Pixel lineup.

The update bearing version number QPF30.130-15-7 packs all the latest Android 10 changes like a system-wide dark mode, privacy enhancements to location permissions, and improvements to notifications. Motorola's build also comes with the January 2020 security update, which is hopelessly outdated given that the software is rolling out in March.

Head to your phone's Settings -> About phone and look for the System Updates entry. There, you can check if the OTA is already available to you. Since updates often roll out in stages, you might have to wait a while, though. So far, we've also only confirmed Android 10 for the unlocked variant of the phone — it looks like Verizon customers will have to wait a little longer.

Verizon users on Reddit have started confirming the arrival of their own Z4 Android 10 update. The carrier's support pages for the Moto Z4 don't appear to have been refreshed yet, still showing the previous release, but if the software's indeed rolling out as these reports suggest, we should see that changing soon have also been updated to reflect this new release.