Ever since the Galaxy S10 line came out rocking a hole-punch camera, inventive developers have taken it upon themselves to put the unsightly cutout to several clever uses. While some silly wallpapers made you giggle by artistically hiding the hole-punch, others turned out to be functional with some actual use — like Energy Ring, which recently released an app to add a battery indicator around the Galaxy S20’s front camera. The app's developer is now porting the same feature to more Samsung phones, including the Galaxy Z Flip and a couple of Galaxy A models.

As noted in our S20 coverage, Energy Ring is super customizable, giving you granular control over how the battery ring would appear. In addition to basic options like picking the color and gradient, you can dive deeper to choose the ring's thickness, ticking direction, and even its origin point. The new A2Z variant of the app is different from the one for the S20 and is compatible only with the mid-tier Galaxy A51, A71, and the S10 Lite, aside from the latest Samsung foldable.

While most options are available on the free tier, the app offers additional animations that you can access through an in-app purchase. The only catch here is that since Energy Ring releases separate apps for different Galaxy families, you cannot restore any of your previous purchases made on its other versions. For the four device models mentioned above, you can download the dedicated A2Z Edition of the app from the Play Store widget below.

Energy Ring - Universal Edition!
Energy Ring - Universal Edition!
Developer: IJP
Price: Free+