Last week, Google Podcasts received a revamp on Android along with a new iPhone app, but one of the changes that we didn't explore affected the web interface. It's still not on par with the mobile client, but at least it now offers subscriptions and sorting.

We got the first hints at Google Podcast's web interface last year, but the proper website didn't launch until last month. It merely acted as a directory, though, and didn't sync your subscriptions with the mobile app. Now it does. You can access your favorite shows by opening the left-side menu, then clicking Subscriptions. You can also manually subscribe or unsubscribe to any show.

The show page has also changed. Episode descriptions have been added, there's a new Visit website button to take you to the show's original site, and you can sort episodes by newest or oldest.

Show page with descriptions, sorting, subscription status, and "Visit website" button.

If you're already using Google Podcasts on your phone, all you have to do is head to on your desktop to access the website. Google's vision for Podcasts is (very) slowly taking shape, and one of its benefits is synced progress between your phone, computer, and Google Home or Nest speakers. Now that we're all mostly staying indoors, you may be using the latter two more than the first.

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  • Midas Gordon-Farleigh