You may not be thinking about Fitbit in a time of pandemic and lockdown, but the fact is that you do have the opportunity to jog around the block or hit the park — socially distanced from others, of course. In a way, the debut of the Fitbit Charge 4 comes at a perfect time for the company looking to gain some spotlight in the fitness tracker market as it continues to await the closure of Google's acquisition.

On the hard specs front, there's a three-axis accelerometer, altimeter, an optical heart rate monitor, an SpO2 monitor, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and NFC for Fitbit Pay. There's enough operating memory to store daily fitness metrics for 30 days and minute-by-minute motion and heart rate data for 7 days. The device, rated for submersion under water for down to 50 meters, should also last 7 days (5 hours with GPS) on a battery, which takes two hours to charge.

Fitbit OS has been stylized to fit the Charge 4 with a new feature called Active Zone Minutes which tracks how long you're keeping up a certain pulse rate for your best results — this will come to the Versa, Versa Lite, Versa 2, and Ionic soon. It's also able to track sleep cycles and help women document and keep watch on their periods. There's an integration with Spotify (for Spotify Premium subscribers) to play out music and podcasts right from the tracker though volume control isn't available. That's in addition to the usual stuff like notifications and watchfaces.

The company is also offering up its Fibit Premium collection of routines from brands like Barre3 and Popsugar for free to consumers for 90 days. For markets without Premium, it will offer customers Fitbit Coach video streaming free to first-timers for 90 days.

Pre-orders are open now with the Charge 4 — which comes in black, rosewood, and storm blue colors — pricing out at $150 and the Special Edition, with a dual-tone black woven band, at $170. Amazon, Best Buy, Fitbit, and Walmart will start shipping on April 13.