AT&T's prepaid wireless operations are the latest carriers to dole out extra high-speed data to existing customers and introduce cut-price wireless plans in response to the economic impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic. AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless will launch these efforts tomorrow, March 27.

All customers signing onto or already with capped plans will get an additional 10GB of high-speed data per month for the next 60 days. The plans include:

  • AT&T Prepaid 1GB plan ($35/mo.)
  • AT&T Prepaid 8GB plan ($50/mo.)
  • Cricket 2GB plan ($30/mo.)
  • Cricket 5GB plan ($40/mo.)

For those on the following plans, they'll be getting a 10GB bonus to their hotspot allowance per month, again, for the next 60 days:

  • AT&T Prepaid Unlimited Plus ($75/mo.)
  • Cricket Unlimited ($55/mo.)
  • Cricket Unlimited & 15GB Mobile Hotspot ($60/mo.)

Also on Friday, both AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless will also offer a new 2GB plan with unlimited talk and text for $15 per month and no activation fee. The company marketed these plans to us as a step above T-Mobile's recently-launched $15 2GB plan, pointing out that its rival does not offer unlimited slower data after the high-speed data is used up whereas AT&T's plans do. However, AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless's rate plans are only being offered for a limited though unspecified time.

Extra offers

From April 2 to May 13, AT&T is offering postpaid customers on an unlimited data plan an extra 15GB of mobile hotspot per month — which is pretty cool if your billing date is anywhere from the 2nd to the 13th of the month.

If you order anything from AT&T online during this time, you'll also get free express shipping and will be exempt from the usual activation, upgrade, and restocking fees as they would apply. The company is also holding a 20% off sale on accessories.

Rather not wait for shipping? AT&T stores that remain open will offer curbside pickup. In markets where AT&T Ready to Go is available, stores will also make local deliveries.