If you use Telegram and are overwhelmed by the constant feed of messages coming out of your family chats, work chats, friend chats, one-on-one chats, and updates from the brands and influencers you follow, you're probably in need of a way to sort them out. Good news, then: the app's latest update brings folders to file your chats in and an easy archival tool.

The main highlight of version 6.0 is the chat folder. Folders, which can be created in Telegram's settings menu, can comprise of any of several preset constituents like Channels, Bots, Personals, and others, but we suspect most users will spend time making custom folders filled with the chats and channels they want.

Folders can have an unlimited number of pinned chats and can appear in tabs across the near-top of the screen. Chat folders will sync to Telegram Desktop, if you happen to use the client.

Also new in this update is archiving, where users are able to keep less important chats out of the feed until a new notification pops up. Android users will be able to long-press and bulk select chats, then press on the new archive button.

When recording a voice or video message, users will be able to check out how loud it is by checking out a new sound meter animation right on the capture button.

Other new features include a new statistics dashboard for channels, more animated emoji, and a special animated die roll if you send the 🎲 emoji in chat. Catch all of these tidbits by updating Telegram through the Play Store or APK Mirror.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free