Microsoft introduced Office 365 in 2011 as a new subscription model for the company's popular suite of office applications, but it has gradually expanded in scope since then. Today it was announced that Office 365 is being renamed to Microsoft 365, and there are new features for both consumers and large organizations alike.

Most of the new features announced for Microsoft 365 are for the desktop: a new editing service built into Word and, an updated presenter mode in PowerPoint, and so on. There were a few topics of interest for Android, though. The Play My Emails feature that arrived in the iOS Outlook app last year will soon come to Android, with the addition of improved search:

Play My Emails can help you catch up and act on what’s new in your inbox whether you are mid-commute or getting ready in the morning, so that you can be fully present when you are home. To further enable hands-free activities, you can now use Microsoft Search that recognizes natural language on iOS and Android. Simply find your results faster and easier by using language you use every day to filter and narrow your search—just speak it or type it. The new search functionality and Play My Emails availability on Android will begin rolling out in the coming months.

For families subscribed to Microsoft 365, a new application called 'Microsoft Family Safety' will enter limited preview "in the coming months."

The app will manage screen time across Windows PCs, Android, and Xbox, and also make it easy to check the locations of family members. Microsoft specifically mentioned that "we don’t share your information with third parties."

Finally, Microsoft also revealed that its Teams messaging platform will be available for Microsoft 365 family plans. You can read more about that in our separate coverage.